Monday, February 9, 2009

Cough Cough, Sniff Sniff, Oh What an Annoyance it is...

Three out of four of us in the house have been sick the entire month of January. Now after we thought it was finally going away, it is February and we are still coughing up what seems to be our lungs.

There are tissues thrown all over every room (this is the 3 year old who takes a tissue out of the box, balls it up in her hand, wipes it ACROSS her face and then tosses it where ever she is standing!) I say to her, "Can you please try to blow your nose instead of wiping the snot across your face!" It's like talking to a, well a 3 year old! They just don't get it! Or maybe they do but they choose to see how crazy it makes the mom.

I myself have just finished with 15 days of being on antibiotics. Just a small cough hanging on.

It isn't the croup, or whooping cough. It isn't strep (I've had my 3 year old tested for it already). It's just a cough that seems to linger.

Needless to say it is making me crazy! We are doing much better but when will it end?! And what is even more annoying is that my husband didn't get one single symptom??? How did he manage to dodge it?

We are just riding out the tide and hope that we will not be waking in the middle of the night much longer to the sound of hacking up something from within.

The teenager has already pulled the 'I can't cough like this all day at school' card. But I'm the mom that sends her to school unless I see vomiting or a fever. I know, I'm mean.

I guess in the mean time, we will keep drinking our hot tea and eating cough drops by the bag full. Registered & Protected

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  1. My daughter thinks the world is her trashcan too. And she's 8! I sent her to school this morning after she'd had vomting and diarrhea at midnight. I'm such an awesome mom. She seemed fine, and I was just thinking how badly I didn't want to have to face makeup homework :P
    Hope you're all feeling better soon.