Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Don't Want to Say Goodbye!

OK, I am having a real problem over here. I know I have already mentioned last week that I need to send my laptop to Sony for a repair. They have sent someone to my home to repair it TWICE since the beginning of July and I am still having trouble with it. I've only had it since around Christmas time!.

Sony sent me a box with a prepaid shipping label to mail the laptop to them. The problem is that I have had the box since Monday and today is Thursday. I have yet to put the laptop in the box. I want it fixed before the warranty is up but I am having such a hard time parting from it. I was told that I would have it back in 2 weeks time! TWO WEEKS!

So I have to just bite the bullet, put it in the box and ship it off.

This is going to be hard! I think I'll wait until Monday...or Tuesday...maybe I can just wait until Wednesday... Registered & Protected


  1. I would feel that way too!!! My IMac's hard drive died, so if it wasn't for my kids computer, I would be soooooooooooooooo lost!!!

  2. Yikes. Does that mean NO Computer at all?? I would not survive.

  3. Oh, that's the worst. Having to give up your computer is crappy!! I hope you manage to get it fixed fast and don't have to do without!

  4. Ohhh that would make me nutty! Good luck!!!!

  5. I'd hate to have to send mine off too! Sorry, but maybe it will be tons better when you get it back!

  6. Aww I sympathize. I would be stealin, I mean borrowing the kids lappy too.


  7. Good luck! I don't know what I would do without my computer now. I think I would go stir-crazy.

  8. ok, well I guess there is a desktop in my house but it's in my bedroom and I'm so used to being aboe to tae my laptop all over the house and look at it here and there...just won't be able to be online too much for the next few weeks once I send it in :(

  9. hmm..That's veryy sad. But its good that u have a desktop.Atleast u can come whenever u miss all of us veryy much!!

  10. OMG! Let me tell you, not so long ago I accidently leaned into my laptop with my knee and I did not see it because it was under my blanket. All I heard was this sound that went POP! I knew right away that it was my laptop. So, I mean I flipped. Tears we on the brink and I think that some may have slipped.

    So, I am really thinking that it is over. I was so hurt. So, my grandmother tells me that I should take it to the shop and see if they can fix it. So, I do and they could fix it, but omg, it took 4 freaking weeks! Mind you, they made it seem that it would only be about a week, but no, they claimed that they had to send to China for the screen. So, I totally feel your pain. But now my baby is back an it is all good. So, I would just ship it out and then once you get it back you will hopefully never have to part again! :o)

  11. So funny. I feel the same inappropriate love for my laptop!

    I wish you all the best; you will survive.


  12. Wow I can't imagine going without. Just how are you going to deal? I'll be thinking of you :)

  13. Being without internet blows! Hehehehe

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